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German Cockroach

Characteristics Size : About 1/2-inch in length. Color : Brown. It is recognized

American Cockroach

Characteristics Size : Up to 2 inches long. Color: Reddish brown. The American


Physical Characteristics Fleas are small, wingless, brown to black, blood sucking insects. They


Physical Characteristic Ticks are blood-sucking ectoparasites of mammals, birds and reptiles. There are

Thief Ant

Characteristics Size: One of the smallest ants found infesting buildings, measuring less than

Pharaoh Ant

Characteristics Size: Very small, about 1/8-inch in length and may easily be confused

Odorous House Ant

Characteristics Size: About 1/8-inch long. Color: Brown. If crushed, the workers give off

Fire Ant

Characteristics Size: There are many sizes of workers in the colony, ranging from

Crazy Ant

Characteristics Size: 1/8-inch long, with extremely long legs and antennae. Color: Black. These