Agenda 2.5 EC

"Where you live, termites are a fact of life. Now 100% control of termites is a fact of life too. Introducing Agenda, the World's first and only 100% termite control solution."

Agenda comes with a longer warranty than other treatments, and for preventive treatments does not require internal treatment.


Agenda is a new type of termite control that for over 5 years has faced the stiffest tests that both US and foreign researchers could throw at it.

Without exception, Agenda passed with flying colours. In fact, no other termiticide in history has consistenly returned “100% effective” results whenever and wherever it was used.

Just about everything, including the “transfer effect”. It all begins with fipronil. Fipronil is the active ingredient in Agenda, and it works quite differently from other termiticide active ingredients.

Many termiticides are repellents. This means that they keep termites away from a treated area, rather than killing them. But if there is a gap in the treatment – maybe someone digs up a flowerbed and breaks the line of defence – the repellant effect fails and the termites get thru. It happens frequently, and your only recourse is to have your house re-treated.

Agenda is non-repellent. Termites can’t smell it, see it, or feel it. Since they do not know it is there, they forage freely in a treated area. The 100% effective results begin here.

First, and like other leading termiticide, Agenda is lethal to termites, they ingest it (since they do not know it is there, they ingest it readily). Second, and unlike other termiticides, Agenda is lethal by contact. This means that termites do not even have to ingest it to die from its effects.

Termites are social insects who live in large, underground colonies. They feed each other primarily by passing food from mouth to mouth. They groom each other. They contact each other as they forage for food. And Agenda takes advantage of this social behaviour.

As well as eating Agenda, a termite will also unknowingly pick it up and carry it back to the colony on its body. Thus, every other termite it contacts, feeds or grooms will itself become a carrier, contacting and infecting others.

But because the fipronil in Agenda is slow acting and allows the termite to continue its normal routine, it remains active long enough to transfer the termiticide to a large number of other termites in the colony before dying itself. This combination of ingestion, contact, and “transfer effect” (which is unique, and puts Agenda in a category by itself) routinely provides 100% termite control. No exceptions.

Once a termite has ingested or contacted Agenda treated material with its body, it becomes a “carrier”. Every other termite it contacts will be infected ­which in turn infects every other termite it contacts. But Agenda works slowly, letting termites contact many others before dying themselves.

And although the Agenda effect on individual termites is intentionally slow, the overall colony management is fast: significantly faster than bait systems.

“Over 350,000 structures have been treated with Agenda in the USA since March 2000, with less than 1% call-backs.”

We have 100% results after 5 straight years. And Counting.
With Agenda, termites are killed, dead. That’s why there are no excuses. And a lot less waiting ground.

Government and other tests in the US and abroad have shown that in almost 6 years there have been no break or reduction in Agenda’s effectiveness. These continuously monitored tests have involved all kinds of soil, widely varying climatic conditions, and several different species of subterranean termites.

Bottom line, this means that you can count on at least 5 year’s worth of 100% termite protection when you choose Agenda. And unlike a bait system, Agenda gives you a 100% protection from Day 1. There’s no long waiting period where termites are hopefully attracted to the bait, and the building to be protected is left entirely defenseless.

Aegnda is effective at a very low application rates. Typically, when your pest management professional applies Agenda, the active ingredient fipronil will be just 0.06%. That is a lot lower than old fashioned termiticides and less than most insecticides. Since 1995, fipronil has been used globally for flea and tick control on millions of cats and dogs, Fipronil also used around the world to protect food supplies. And since Agenda bonds to the soil, there is no leaching through rainfall or irrigation.

Agenda has virtually no odor. Since it’s applied with water, there is also no solvent smell.